The MPPM is a one year master program characterised by its interdisciplinary content and it is meant to attract purchasers with relevant experience in public procurement as well as students interested in preparing for a career in public procurement. Classes are all taught in English; therefore language proficiency is required to successfully follow the courses and to actively participate in all the learning activities.

Before the beginning of the in-class phase, students are requested to study one e-learning module which reviews the fundamental concepts on the core subjects of the course which include law, economics and public procurement management.

The distance learning preparatory phase is followed by the in-class phase, which is divided into 12 Modules. Each Module is taught within one week, from Thursday until Sunday.

At the end of twelve modules, students are required to be involved in a traineeship period within their own or another organisation. Before students can be admitted to defend their thesis, the Master’s Committee shall approve the project work prepared during their traineeship period.

Following the lectures and classes at the University of Belgrade, students are required to participate to the Final Distance Learning Module, which lasts two months. Students have access to an on-line platform, which includes individual as well as collective learning activities, and provides support in the form of expert tutors, resources available through the documentation centre, and networking.

At the end of the Master programme students are required to submit a dissertation, which is part of their final evaluation. The dissertation should be a case study concerning procurement issues related to their own organizations, to a specific country or to a public procurement challenge. In drafting their paper students should demonstrate an understanding of the topic and the use of appropriate methodologies.



The programme consists of 12 modules where the classroom lectures in Belgrade require fulltime attendance. There are six obligatory and six optional modules/courses that students must attend. Failure to attend motivates outright suspension from the Programme. Students are required to sign a Code of Conduct before the beginning of classes and agree to the rules of the Master programme.

Each module lasts four days, from Thursday to Sunday, with 30 hours of lectures each. The modules are based on a traditional learning approach and are followed by graded exams.


Obligatory courses (each valid 5 ECTS)

  1. Legal Background
  2. Economic Analysis of the Market
  3. Organisation and Strategy
  4. Law and Economics of Public and Private Partnership
  5. Integrity and Anticorruption in Public Procurement
  6. Contract Complaints and Disputes

Optional courses (each valid 3 ECTS, 6 courses are taught each year )

  1. Negotiation and Team Building
  2. Economics of Procurement
  3. Quality Management and Green Procurement
  4. Strategic Procurement
  5. International Financial Institutions’ Procurement Procedures
  6. E-procurement
  7. Spend Management and Public Procurement
  8. Sustainability and Innovation
  9. Logistics
  10. Emerging Issues in Public Procurement

The MPPM book of syllabi is available here.


During the classroom lecture period, exams are organised every 4 (four) modules: the first exam session is administered at the beginning of the fifth module, the second exam session at the beginning of the ninth module and the last session at the end of the twelfth module.